Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The long and short of it

I'll never forget the day Nicole came to see me for the first time. She had long beautiful hair and with a smile, requested me to cut it all off. Seriously! We had a long conversation about how it might feel to no longer have flowing locks down her back, or the sensation of hair brushing against her shoulders or what to do with all the elastics she will never use again. During the preparatory conversation, I was analyzing her amazing facial features, big eyes, high cheek bones, inviting smile and I knew she would look fantastic with short hair. I'm glad she went through with it and was well prepared to say good bye to long hair. She looks absolutely gorgeous!
a few years later


Rachel Holloway said...

She looks so fantastic! I really, really wish I could pull off hair like that!

Bennetts said...

Yes, that is a very brave woman to go that short with the length of hair she did have. You know how some ladies look better with shorter hair? Well, she's one of them. Very cute Shana!