Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two things l Love!

Most of us put on some sort of makeup to enhance our look, but can get confused on how to do it correctly. I love this site for makeup tutorials. She does everything from basic daily looks, date night, Hollywood glamour, false eyelashes, eyebrows, contouring, highlighting and eyeliner. I get asked a lot how I do my makeup, and this is exactly how I do it. Below is a tutorial on a very basic look that can be worn daily. I suggest getting down the basic steps of using a base/primer before applying eyeshadow, using brushes- instead of the sponge that comes with the shadow, and layering blush with a bronzer for highlight and contouring. This will give you the foundation to create any look you want. You'll be a makeup whiz in no time!

This video is full face in 5 min. Impressive and very doable.

My second love is Aveda Control Force hairspray. This stuff is amazing! I have to admit, I didn't love it until I moved from Arizona to DC and went from living in a dry climate to a humid climate. Control Force hairspray is anti-humidity and will keep your styled hair looking great all day. This hairspray is workable and won't leave your hair dull, flaky, sticky, or crisp. It's also great for second day hair, holding curls in place, and all hair types. Hands down best hairspray I've ever used! (the models hair was not washed between styles)


Bennetts said...

That looks like an awesome hairspray fo'show!! The one thing that I'm confused with though, is the crimping and then hiding your whole crimping job at then end??? Yes, I figure it's to add volume, but there's 400 million other ways to add volume other than crimping.
I actually thought the crimping was going to be part of the style, then I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see it. :(
Loved the different ways you could style with just one hairspray! :D

Shana Dee said...

The use of crimping makes for double the impact, instead of just back combing. It gives fullness, texture,volume, and cushion to hold your pins. Next time I see Antoinette Beenders, I'll have to ask her why she did that. :)

Heather Capener said...

Shana, How are you? I hope things are going wonderfully for you back east, do you love it?
I love the make up tutorial video you posted, that girl is awesome!
Also, the previous post hair color, Wonderful!
If I come to Georgetown can I be your guinea pig? I so miss my hairstylist, so so so much!
Do you still have any contacts in Boise that you would trust with your hair unconditionally? My hair weeps for you!
Hope all is well with you, I love your blog!